Community Content Guidelines

Last updated: 3rd of June, 2024

We’re honored and thrilled to see all the amazing community content that has been made based on our games.

We encourage people to keep being creative and to share their works with everyone. However, we also feel that it’s crucial to establish some guidelines on what we consider to be appropriate use of our IP in community-made content.

These Community Content Guidelines define certain boundaries for community-made content to protect us and the community from misuse.


These guidelines explain how your community content can use the intellectual property of our games (our IP). That means the names, assets, and the overall identity and brand of our games, and any derivative works thereof, that we own the rights to.

That includes, but is not limited to, designs, appearance, logos, graphics, textures, images, models, screenshots, video, audio, sounds, music, text, stories, characters, settings, locations, etc.

The allowances in these guidelines are exclusively for the members of our community, whether creating content on their own or in a group which purpose is to create community content based on our games. They do not apply to any other entities, commercial or not.

All community content needs to follow these guidelines. Modifications to our games (mods) must also adhere to the modding guidelines.


1. Keep it kind

We don’t want our IP to be used in a hurtful or illegal manner.

Because of this, we ask you to not use our IP in any way that is discriminatory, disparaging, abusive, or in any other way harmful, or unlawful.

2. Keep it clear

We want to avoid people confusing official content with community-made content.

You must not describe your community content in any way that could be understood as claiming that the content is official, licensed, endorsed, or otherwise supported by us. Don’t use official logos in your community content.

You cannot use our IP to promote unrelated products, services, or brands.

You cannot integrate our IP into third-party games, products, or services.

If your community content is a game, merchandise, or falls into any other category in which we have officially used our IP in, you cannot use the name of that IP in the title of your community content. This also applies to any alternative form of the name or any confusingly similar name.

If you are allowed to use the name of our IP in the title of your community content and you choose to do so, it must not be the primary or a distinctive element of the title.

Whenever reasonably possible, you should include the notice below to signal that your work is unofficial. It should be placed and formatted in a way where it is visible and easy to read.

[Name of IP(s)] © Last Quarter Studios Limited Partnership. This [type of community content] is unofficial, and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Last Quarter Studios Limited Partnership.

3. Keep it unique

We don’t want people to simply redistribute what we’ve made.

A substantial portion of your community content must be your own unique creative work.

You must only share content that you have created yourself or have explicit written permission to use.

You cannot redistribute our games as a whole or in part.

Exception regarding the use of music

As long as you follow all applicable guidelines, we allow you to use music from our games as background music in your videos and streams, with the following limitations:

  1. A substantial portion of the video or stream must be your own original content about the game, or the game series, the music is from.
  2. You must include the names of the tracks used and the games they are from within the video or stream itself, or its description.
  3. You must only use the music files from the game’s official soundtrack, that you have acquired legitimately.

4. Keep it free

Barring the exceptions listed below, the community content you make must be available completely for free, without any form of subscription, one-time purchase, or any other type of fee limiting access to the content as a whole or in part.

You’re also not allowed to monetize your community content through means such as advertisements, in-app purchases, revenue share agreements, or any other means.


As long as you follow all applicable guidelines, the following types of commercial usage are allowed:

  1. Monetizing videos and streams featuring our IP through advertisements, sponsorships, or donations, provided that:
    • The advertisements, sponsorships, and/or requests for donations are clearly separated from the content featuring our IP.
  2. Individual one-off commissions, provided that:
    • The commission is only for the personal use of the recipient of the commission.
    • Both the author and recipient of the commission are individuals, and are not acting on the behalf of any company, organization, association, or any other type thereof.
    • The design of the commission is not the same, or similar, to past or current official merchandising.
    • The commission is not a fan game or a mod.
  3. Fanzines with a one-time upfront fee for the purchase, provided that:
    • The fee for the fanzine is collected with the sole purpose of recuperating the manufacturing costs of said fanzine.
  4. Monetary awards from contests, provided that:
    • The contest is available to the general public and there are no excessive fees or overly strict or complicated processes required to participate.
    • The rules of the contest allow the use of our IP in your submission.
    • Your submission is not a fan game or a mod.

Any other types of commercial usage are currently not allowed.

We expect this list to be updated as time goes on. If you feel that this list should be amended, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Assuming you follow all applicable guidelines, you are allowed to use our IP in your community-made content in the following example situations:

  • Creating a piece of fan-art of a game’s character and posting it on social media.
  • Creating an origami version of a game’s character and giving it to a friend as a gift.
  • Posting a gameplay video online and monetizing it with ads.
  • Creating a community wiki to chronicle information about a game.
  • Creating a free fan game called “My Own Cool Fan Game”.
  • Creating a free mod for Cats are Liquid - A Better Place, called “My Cool Mod: A mod for Cats are Liquid - A Better Place”

Not allowed

This list is non-exhaustive. Just because something isn’t explicitly mentioned here, doesn’t mean that it is allowed.

  • Creating a fan-made trailer for one of our games and calling it an “official trailer”.
  • Asserting that a community wiki is an official wiki.
  • Naming a fan game “Cats are Liquid - A Cool Fan Game”.
  • Creating a paid fan game, or monetizing a free fan game with ads.
  • Distributing individual assets of a game, such as sprites or music.


These guidelines might change from time to time. Any updates to these guidelines will be posted on our website. The updated guidelines will be effective immediately upon release.

If you find yourself in a situation where something you’ve been working on is no longer considered to be allowed as a result of an update to these guidelines, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, you can always reach out through the email listed on the contact page.


These guidelines do not constitute a grant of license or any rights associated with Last Quarter Studios intellectual property, nor do they establish any form of business relationship between Last Quarter Studios and you. All Last Quarter Studios intellectual property will remained owned by us.

The allowances given in these guidelines are solely at our discretion, and we reserve the right to withdraw any of them, at any time, if we believe it to be appropriate, without any liability to you. We don’t have intention of doing so arbitrarily, only with sufficient reason.

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All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.