Modding Guidelines

Last updated: 3rd of June, 2024

As with all other types of community content, we’re thrilled to see all the amazing modifications (mods) that have been made for our games and we encourage people to keep creating them.

These Modding Guidelines outline what is and isn’t allowed with regard to mods, by establishing some boundaries to protect us and the community.


These guidelines supplement the Community Content Guidelines. You should read those first!

The focus of these Modding Guidelines is on aspects specific to mods, while also reiterating some of the more important parts of the Community Content Guidelines in the context of mods.

By “mod”, we mean anything that alters a game’s functionality or content.


  • Be upfront about what your mod does and doesn’t do. Don’t mislead people.
  • Only distribute your mod, not an actual game or parts thereof.
  • Make it clear that your mod is unofficial, and that you hold responsibility for it.
  • Your mod should indicate that it’s installed on the title screen of the game in an obvious and clear way.
  • You can only use the names of our IPs in the title of your mod to indicate compatibility with a specific game or set of games.
  • Don’t distribute malware, adware, spyware, etc of any kind.
  • Don’t alter or remove existing legal notices or credits.
  • If a game has online functionality, your mod should not alter it in any way.
  • You should not disable, circumvent, or otherwise interfere with monetization features or ownership validation checks.


These guidelines might change from time to time. Any updates to these guidelines will be posted on our website. The updated guidelines will be effective immediately upon release.

If you find yourself in a situation where something you’ve been working on is no longer considered to be allowed as a result of an update to these guidelines, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, you can always reach out through the email listed on the contact page.


These guidelines do not constitute a grant of license or any rights associated with Last Quarter Studios intellectual property, nor do they establish any form of business relationship between Last Quarter Studios and you. All Last Quarter Studios intellectual property will remained owned by us.

The allowances given in these guidelines are solely at our discretion, and we reserve the right to withdraw any of them, at any time, if we believe it to be appropriate, without any liability to you. We don’t have intention of doing so arbitrarily, only with sufficient reason.

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